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Compatibility between Creative Commons Licenses
Calculation of Derivative Works Licenses

1 Yabal-A

Yabal- A is a module in PHP language that offers a set of functions and basic procedures designed to be used in the development of applications that implement Creative Commons tools.
Calculator was developed to illustrate how it should be used and show its potential.
To know more about Yabal-A, the Calculator and the Project please contact the developers.

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Calculator is an application that allows users to manage sets of materials indicating their basic data, offering the possibility of calculating the possible license and the deployment of the credits of the set of materials.

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Yabal-A is developed and maintained within the framework of a project carried out at the Universidad de la República (UdelaR) (Montevideo, Uruguay).

Funded by PEDECIBA by its initials in Spanish (Development Program of the Basic Sciences).

Supported by the Faculty of Engineering of UdelaR (FING-UdelaR).

With the collaboration of the Teaching Sector Commission of the UdelaR (CSE-UdelaR).

Those responsible for the project are Ing. José Fager and Dra. Regina Motz.

Contact jose.fager@cse.udelar.edu.uy.